Recap April '17 | Birthday, YALFEST and book club sleep-over.

April is always one of my favorite months, despite the funky weather. It was definitely a great month! I've done so many fun things; which meant I had less time to read, as you can see..

OUAT_thumb3 I went to Beauty and the Beast in the cinema twice. Once was in IMAX 3D and what an experience! You can see my thoughts about the movie in my review, but in one word: MAGICAL. I definitely shed a few happy tears and the songs are on repeat. The first time I went with friends, the second time with my family and we combined it with going out for diner. Talking about food, hehe, I went with my boyfriend, sister and brother in law to a Dim Sum restaurant. Delicious!

I participated in something we call 'Duinenmars' which is a yearly event where you can walk different distances and get a medal or a new pin. Every medal holds 3 pins. This was my 5th time, so I got a new medal. We had amazing weather; it was incredibly sunny and warm. I've also picked up running (again), but this time I see myself improve and that is motivating.

I celebrated my birthday (26 years already, eek!) I had a lot of healthy snacks, I got a beautiful birthday cake made by my talented sister and I got really thoughtful presents. I felt loved :)

I had two fun bookish events. I went to YALFEST with a girlfriend, which is a pretty new book event hosted by different Dutch publishers. It was great! There were eight authors (Amy Ewin, David Arnold, Lesley Livingston, Megan Shepherd, Donna Freitas, Veronica Rossi and Victor Dixen) who were interviewed and then we got time to get our books signed + a picture. I had a workshop about translating books from English to Dutch and there were different stands with activities, like making your own buttons or getting a temporary bookish tattoo. I'm definitely going again next year.

The other event was our book club sleep-over, which is actually for the Dewey 24-hour read-a-thon, but lately ends up as a day/night where we watch really (and I mean REALLY) bad book adaptations. This time we picked Fallen and The Fifth Wave. I think we were all pleasantly surprised by The Fifth Wave, but maybe it is because you can't get anything worse than Fallen. This movie is by far one of the worst movie I've ever seen. Every scene takes 100 hours and is filled with cringe-worthy sentences, broody looks in the distance, swoony staring in each other eyes and terrible special effects. It was hilarious. Hanging out with these girls is the best.

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Shanice, Brother-in law and girlfriend, Jasper & Daisy.
Leatherbound hand-made notebook I got from my parents from Scotland.
Harry Potter deluxe notebook set I got from Debby <3

Review copies:
Thanks HarperCollins INT!

YALFEST, Fairyloot, BooklyBird.
22466429 (1)2531444730320053

Also Meagan Spooner - Hunted.

This is a sad score.. but that's what you get when you are busy with fun real-life things and other hobbies. I've spend a lot of time on gaming (got hooked in Zelda again) and bulletjournaling (setting up May, I love the start of a new month)

1. Erin Summerill – Ever the Hunted. 2/5.
2. Samantha Shannon – The Mime Order. 5/5 (reread)
3. Neil Gaiman – Hansel and Gretel. 3/5.
4. Samantha Shannon – THe Pale Dreamer. 3/5 (novella)
5. Samantha Shannon – On the Merits of Unnaturalness. 4/5 (novella)
TV Shows:
The Blacklist season 2, episode 1 - 13. Still enjoy it.
New girl season 6, episode 11-14.
Outlander season 1, episode 16. That was.. intense. Also watched episode 1 + 2 from season 2.
Better Call Saul, season 2, episode 1 – 3.

2x Beauty and the Beast. LOOOVE.
Animated version from Beauty and the Beast. Favorite forever.
Logan. Cried.
Moana. Really liked it.
Assassin's Creed. Meh.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, second time. Made my father watch it.
The Fifth Wave. Not nearly as bad as expected. Way better than the book, that's for sure.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. It's bad, but also kinda funny.
Inferno. That was.. intense, at times.

What did you do in April?


  1. I recently watched Fallen as well during a sleepover. It was terrible. And the script was even worst when Lauren Kate first got it to check. Is that even possible?

  2. What a cool cake! Your sister did a wicked job! Happy birthday again!
    Am I the only one that was disappointed in how Professor X and Logan went out? I mean, come on!!! Good movie but bad way to end things.
    Happy May!

  3. Such an awesome recap Mel :D Thank you for sharing about all that you did. <3 So glad that April was so amazing for you :D Yess. And ahh, I love that cake that you got :D So awesome. So glad your birthday was amazing. <3 I just turned 24, and I had an awesome time too :) And eee, bookish event :D SO JEALOUS :D Sounds like tons of fun. I hope May is just as amazing for you sweetie. <3

  4. Brilliant recap Mel! I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful birthday ♥ you deserve it! I LOVE your leather bound notebooks!! Your cake is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen - I wouldn't have wanted to eat it LOL! I hope you're enjoying Better Call Saul. I need to see Beauty and the Beast still and I missed Logan at the theatre and I'm still not over it! Happy May my dear! xx

  5. Sounds like a great month! I was so sad when I saw your blog card at Yalfest and realized you were there but I hadn't seen you. Would've loved talking to you! I really enjoyed that day and can't wait for next year!


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