Recap May '17 | Being active again.

May was a great month for sure. I became a little more active and it feels good. The awesome sunny weather makes it easier for me to go outside, so I hope to keep it up.

1. I went to a yoga class with friends and it was so relaxing yet intense. I love this way of toning your muscles and getting relaxed, so I need to get over my fear of going alone. First step was taken, now it is time for me to be brave..

2. I had a short vacation with my boyfriend's mother, sister, brother their boyfriend/girlfriend. We stayed at a bungalow house from Friday to Monday and we had some great activities and fantastic weather! The first day we swam in the subtropical pool and I got injured after I bumped my head really hard under water in the wild-water course. Nothing too bad though, but it shocked me and I had a monstrous headache that night.

The next day we had a parcour in the trees, about 6 meters of the ground. It was scary at times, but it felt so good to complete it without falling! After it we went into an Egyptian themed escape room, which we completed with 3 minutes left. Everyone went for another swim in the pool, but I stayed back home with my mother-in-law and finished a book.

The next day we went for a round of paintball. The guns were bad, but it was fun to do and afterwards we did a few adventure golf courses, which was challenging. Board game night!
On Monday we had to leave the bungalow at 10:00, so we went to the pool and stayed there until 14:00. We ate some ice cream, I played pool with my boyfriend (and won of course ;P) and then we went home.
3. I had a sport event with work. Archery tag, Lasergame, Volleybal, Estafette and Bubble football. We didn't win anything, but it was fun to hang out with some colleagues after work.

6. De-coloured my hair! It turned green, but after I washed it with ketchup and more Head & Shoulders it slowly turned back into blonde. I have to say; the purple hair adventure was great and now that I know it will wash out relatively easy, I will return to it!

I cleaned up my shelves and got rid of another 10+ books, including my three mismatched paperbacks from Game of Thrones. I saw a nice offer on my favorite website, so I decided to get the Game of Thrones box set of all 7 books.

The leatherbound editions from Barnes & Nobles are some of my favorite books, so I finally got The Arabian Nights. I'm a big Potterhead and I couldn't pass the opportunity to get the 20th special House editions for the first book – and because I''m crazy I also bought the others. Those extra pages are worth it! (I'm a Ravenclaw, in case you did'nt know yet) I stumbled on Alice in Zombieland in the bargain section of ABC and decided to take it with me, since I met Gena Showalter last month :)


And last, but definitely not least, my Fairyloot box! I got a subscription last month and I think it has been one of my best decisions this year. This box is always so magical. The items are picked with such care and the books so far have all been on my wish list.

Items: World Mythology book, Renee Ahdieh – The Flame in the Mist, celtic socks, a wooden Lord of the Rings bookmark, a gel pen in the shape of a feather, candle called 'Mist' (which smells great) and Warriors & Legends inspired tea. There was also a sampler, a coupon code for more tea, a bookmark from the book, a signed sticker, interview with the author and a letter from her.

Three random new items I got that made me really happy. Cogsworth was always out of stock, but this time I found one and I bought it right away! <3 Also decided to get this edition of Rapunzel, because her hair is so lovely detailed. And since I'm getting more into audio books, I got a good headphone in this fantastic mint color. They are good! Fresh 'n Rebel is the brand, in case you are curious.

Another month where I sort of let myself down when it comes to reading. I'm simply too busy with all the other things I like too, that I don't give myself any time to sit down to pick up a book. I want to change that in June.

1. Samantha Shannon – The Song Rising. 5/5.
2. Morgan Matson – The Unexpected Everything. 2/5.
3. Lexa Hillyer – Spindle Fire. 2/5.
4. Earnest Cline – Ready Player One (audio book) 3.5/5.
5. Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Mist and Fury (reread) 4/5.

TV Shows: 1. The Blacklist season 2 episode 14 – 21.
2. Better Call Saul season 3 episode 4 – 7.
1. Self less. Mweh.
2. Keeping up with the Joneses. Pretty funny, but nothing special.
3. Pirates 3: At World's End, as preparation rewatching the movies for the new one.
4. Big Hero 6, forced my father and sister to watch it (and they liked it a lot)

What did you do in May?


  1. Ok so if I could afford them at the moment, I'd own ALL the new HP editions from ALL the Houses too so I'm equal parts excited for you and jealous at the moment LOL! Sounds like you had a busy month full of fun new things and adventures :) I always enjoy reading your monthly recaps my friend ♥ Happy June! xx

  2. I really want one of the HP house editions. They just look so cool! Also the Fairyloot box you got looks amazing. I've been thinking about getting a subscription but I'm not totally sure about it yet.

  3. Looks like you had a great mini-vacay!!! Happy June!

  4. It seems like you had an amazing May! Now that I'm on a summer break, I hope I could go into more outdoor activites like you did. Paintball and lasertag sounds fun :D

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

  5. Awesome recap post Mel :D Love reading about what you have been doing. <3 Eee, love those photos so much :D A bit scary, yet looks awesome too. Hugs. I'm glad May was pretty amazing for you. <3 And ahh, so jealous of your sun :) We haven't had hot weather at all yet. Ugh. But tomorrow! And the days after :D It is finally going to be sunny and hot and oh god, I have waited so long for it, haha :D Aaanyway. I hope June is amazing for you and that you are able to read lots and lots. <3


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