Reading Challenge | The Reading Quest.

The Reading Quest Character Card Creator

The quest will take place between Sunday 13th August to Sunday 10th September, 2017. This fabulous reading challenge is hosted by Read At Midnight.
There are four different characters you can pick from. I'm going with Bard for my first quest!
BARD: While the bards may not engage in direct combat, they make up for it with their intimate knowledge of songs and stories. They will travel through the Fifth Down path on the quest board, reading famed tales and singing lost songs.
The stats you start with: Level 1. EXP: 10. HP: 10.

+EXP: each finished book +10.
Book by marginalised author: +20.
Finish quest: +50.
Every additional quest: +30.

+Level: every 50 EXP.

+HP: every 10 pages +1.
Tweeting #TheReadingQuest +1. Max +20.
Photos #TheReadingQuest +1. Max +20.
Books I read:

A book that has a TV/movie adaptation: Neil Gaiman - American Gods.
A Fairytale Retelling: RaShelle Workman - A Beauty so Beastly.
A book cover with striking typography: V.E Schwab - A Gathering of Shadows.
A book translated from another language: Cornelia Funke - Inkheart.
A banned book: 

Potions, book by 2+ authors: Anthology; Because You Love to Hate Me.
Time Warp, book set in past or future:
Expansion, companion novel or short story:
Multiplayer, buddy read a book:
Grind, a book with 500+ pages: V.E Schwab - A Conjuring of Light.
Respawn, read a previous DNF:
Animal companion, reference to animal in title:
Mini game, graphic novel, novella or poem collection:
Open world, read whatever you want: Susan Dennard - Truthwitch.

EXP: 60.
HP: 224.


  1. Ohh, this is an awesome challenge :D I wish you the best of luck with it Mel. <3 You can do it :D Not for me, as I suuuck at challenges, haha :) But such stunning artwork. <3

  2. I just joined this challenge too. You've got a great reading list. I loved the movies Inkheart and The Duff, but I haven't read the books yet :0

    And Gemina is a really great book! Enjoy!

    Check out my Sign Up Post for this challenge.

  3. I'm seriously thinking about participating in this -- it sounds so fun, and the challenge is so unique!

    Rosie Writes Things

  4. Ooh this challenge looks SO FUN!! I love all the graphics too. :D I looove Gemina so I hope you have a good time with it. The formatting is just beautiful and I love how there's art in it this time too!! *flails*

  5. I'm contemplating participating in this challenge - it looks so fun and I love the graphics! *_* I'm starting school in 2 weeks though so I doubt I'll get a lot of reading done! XD

    Best of luck! x


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