Let it Go | Massive edition.

Let it go started out as a way for me to write short reviews. For a while I have posted all my reviews only on Goodreads, because that was easier and quick. Today I want to share all the reviews I have written for the books I have read in 2018 so far. I'm still behind, but this is a fast way to make a start.

Girls made of Snow and Glass.
 Rating: 4.5 / 5.

Book 1The best thing about this book is the complex relationship between Mina and Lynet. There is no intense hate between the two of them, but a background story that adds so much to the overall plot. Mina isn't thrown into the story as the bad stepmother who wants to kill Lynet for her looks; there is so much more to it! The two of them might have a rocky relationship, but Mina is definitely more a mother to Lynet than in the original Snow White. Lynet was also a better character than Snow White. She still has something naive about herself and she doesn't have a lot of spunk (most of the times she simply accepts what is going on without doing something about it), but I did like her. Her growing feelings for the local surgeon girl was adorable. The author managed to take the bare bones of the Snow White tale and twist it into something original and magical. To be honest, Snow White has never been a favorite of mine, but I do LOVE this version of the fairytale.

Rating: 3 / 5.

Book 2The biggest let down of this book was the romance. It just didn't grab me and that made the ending less powerful. I am not the biggest fan of Liesl/Elizabeth and her constant whining about her appearance, but overall she isn't terrible. She is one of those characters you easily forget about after some time. The music talk wasn't interesting to me either, but I can see the appeal to some people. The thing that made me read this book was definitely that writing! I finished the book in one day, simply because I was hooked by her descriptions and world: it felt like I was there. She has a way of telling a story. This is the first book and the story has a lot of potential, so I am curious to read the second, and final, book called Shadowsong.

Rating: 3 / 5.

Book 3Everless is... less than I anticipated. The premise is amazing; time is stored in blood, so instead of using money, you have to donate time that can be used by the wealthy people like the Gerling family. The history behind this concept, with the Alcheimst and Sorceress hunting each other, was fabulous as well.

Jules her father is running out of time, so she decides to work at the mansion with danger of her own life. Years ago they were banned and Jules is afraid Liam will recognize her. Jules doesn't have anything that defines her from other YA heroines, which is a shame. She could have been fierce and loyal; with her spirit to protect her father. Instead she came across as whiny and that annoyed me. The middle part of the book also suffers from the fact nothing special happens, but the ending was enough for me to pick up the sequel at some point.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.

Book 5Gorgeous artwork! I absolutely love this style and I was enchanted by every page.
The story is pretty dark and violent & based on female power, which I always support. It is set in a world inspired by 1900s Asia, with a war between Arcanics (magical creatures who can sometimes pass as human) and the Cumaea (order of sorceresses who consume Arcanics to fuel their power)
The story centers around Maika Halfwolf, a girl with a psyhic link with a monster, who is a human looking Arcanic. She misses part of her left arm and now she has to deal with a demon who sometimes emerges from the stub. She has to understand and control this demon, which requires a lot of inner strength.
I can't wait to read the sequel.

Notes from My Captivity.
Rating: 4 / 5.

Book 4Adrienne wants to become one thing: a journalist like her idol, so when she gets the chance to write an article that could get her into her dream school, she takes it. This means she has to travel with her stepfather Dan into the Siberian wilderness in search of a mysterious family. Dan knows for sure that there is a legendary family living in the wilderness, even if this means no one else takes him seriously. Adrienne is only going to debunk this mystery, but when disaster strikes she has to re-evaluate her beliefs. I really liked Adrienne and her passion for journalism. It was nice to see her relationship change with Dan, now that the two of them work together in strange territory. The whole mystery behind the family was fascinating and I like how everything wrapped up.

The Lies They Tell.
Rating: 2 / 5.

Book 6Well.. That was a big snooze fest.
Pearl works at a summer resort club for rich people and when one of them, Bridges, shows interest in her she figures it is THE way to get more information about the fire that turned her father into a drunk. An entire family burned in their house, except one member called Tristan, and her father was the watchman that evening. He claims he never saw anyone and now people side-eye him. He has no work and the guilt eats at him. Pearl wants to find out what truly happened, so she can save her father's good name.
The whole promise was intriguing and I liked the beginning. We see the set-up where Pearl works hard to save her family from disaster, since her father spends most of his time getting wasted at the local pub. She is conflicted about her feelings for Reese, her best friend who is on/off with one of the other girls at work, and Bridges.
The story quickly evolves in a boring tale where we see Pearl uncovering small hints that show us the killer; so when we arrive at the conclusion there is no surprise there. I am always terrible at solving mysteries, but this is right in your face.. The killer is portrayed in such a way that there is no other way and that really let me down.

My Plain Jane.
Rating: 4 / 5.
Book 7This book worked better for me than the previous one, My Lady Jane, and I am happy I gave it a shot. Note: you don't have to read My Lady Jane to enjoy this book. They aren't sequels, but belong in the same world in the sense it is both focused on a 'Jane'. While My Lady Jane is a retelling of a historical figure (Jane Gray), My Plain Jane is about Jane Eyre with a paranormal twist. The fun thing is that this book also features Charlotte Brontë, who happens to be the author of Jane Eyre. She teams up with Alexander, a ghost hunter who works for an Agency to solve a murder and they need Jane. It was all really clever and funny, so I flew through the pages and I liked every character. Highly recommend this one if you like subtle historical stories.

The Cukoo's Calling.
Rating: 3 / 5.
Book 8I was surprised by the killer's identity, but at the same time, Cormoran keeps a lot of information to himself. I liked all the interviews and Robin. I liked the mystery, but it was slow and despite having a plot about a possible murder, it wasn't too exciting.
Cormoran gave me mixed feelings. I felt like 'Galbraith' tried to make him look really clever and smart by holding back information from the reader. The whole twist at the end and how Cormoran solves the case surprised me, but at the same time, there was no way you could have guessed this based on the vague exclamations from Cormoran when something makes sense to him. I also thought he was rather bland. Robin on the other hand stood out to me. She showed me that she was clever, like with her acting in the clothing store to gain more information from the sales girl. She definitely has the right spirit to solve mysteries and I wish there was more focus on her and her road to follow her passion (instead of going with a safe job like her husband-to-be who sounds rather boring)
I thought the mystery around the murder/suicide of a famous model would be more exciting, but the entire plot is based on Cormoran going to different people to interview them. I quite liked the fact we have a big cast of people who all tell their own story, but I wish there had been more to it. Overall not a bad book and like I said, the twist at the ending was big, but I'm not in a rush to pick up the sequel soon.

Sea Witch.
Rating: 2.5 / 5.
The beginning was awesome and I loved the switch between 'now' and 'then', where we see the main characters as children. There is Evie, the witch, Anna, the girl who drowned, and Nik, the crown prince. It is an unique friendship and now that Evie and Nik have grown up, people do side-eye their relationship. Evie is the freak and the outsider, but that's what made Nik even more precious to me; he simply doesn't care. Suddenly a girl who looks like Anna shows up and she confesses to Evie that she was a mermaid, but sold her soul in order to find love with Nik. If she runs out of time, she will die.

+ The writing. The author has a vivid imagination and she manages to show me her world. I was invested in the world-building and it made the book go faster, despite the dragging middle part.
+ Nik. Like I said, he doesn't give a crap about the opinions of the people, because he sticks with Evie no matter what. He was adorable and such a kind person, especially when he isn't afraid to show his feelings.
+ URSULA RETELLING. She is my favorite villain and I love the fact someone wrote a book about it (despite the fact I didn't end up loving it as much as I wanted.)

- The ending was waaaaaay to fast. I wish the author had cut parts in the middle and that there were more pages spend on the ending. The whole twist and conclusion was pretty good, but everything is just thrown in like there was no time left to elaborate, which made it overwhelming and it lost its emotional impact.
- This is a spoiler, select to read:  I really was underwhelmed by Anna's need for revenge.. I just didn't think the reason was strong enough to make her so spiteful towards Nik and Evie.. Maybe at first, but she should have seen their sadness and realize that they did everything they could to save her. This made the plot fall
- Also the romance *facepalm* Don't get me started guys. If you know me, you realized by now that I'm not much of romance reader, but I can get on board if it is well-written. In this case, the author took an approach that really didn't set right with me. Spoiler, select: EVIE IS FIRST COMPLETELY SMITTEN WITH ANOTHER GUY AND THEN IN THE ENDING SHE SUDDENLY LOVES NIK? NOPE NOPE NOPE, it doesn't work that way!
- Evie. While I loved Nik, I had a rocky relationship with Evie. There were moments I really liked her, but most of the times I just didn't care for her..

It started out so well, the book had so much potential, but in the end it let me down :(


  1. I've been really intrigued about Girls Made of Snow and Glass, as it has been getting really positive reviews! I remember enjoying Cuckoo's Calling when I read it, but I can't remember anything about the story afterwards :/

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

  2. Aaaaack, I love all of these reviews so so so much :D Great post Mel. <3 Thank you for sharing your thoughts about all of these books :) And gosh, Winterspell. I own it, but do not think I will like it :p And have seen everyone hate the second book :\ SO curious to know what you will think of it, though, hih :) And yesss about Everless. So bad. And yesss about The Lies They Tell too. Sooo bad. Ugh. So many disappointing books lately :\ And even Sea Witch too. Ahh. I still haven't decided if I'm going to read it or not, lol :D Maaaaybe. But most likely not, haha. <3 Thank you for sharing all of this sweetie :) Hugs.

  3. Hi! :)
    Very nice idea with the short reviews!
    Just came here again to admire your beautiful blogdesign. Then I saw you changed it. The new one is pretty cool, too, but the old one is still my favorite. ^^

    Hugs from Germany :)

  4. Loved reading all of these reviews Mel, it's a great way to get thoughts on some of these books! I've heard Everless is pretty meh, still looking forward to starting Girls Made of Snow and Glass. I hope you're going well lovely!


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