Get Weddy With Me | 1 month left!

I am still alive! Right now I am just way too busy with everything that is going on in my life (all good things!) like planning my wedding. So, I thought it would be fun to give you an update about everything we have done so far.

My boyfriend asked me to marry him on July 25th 2017. It was a romantic and lovely proposal, at the beach with sunset.

The first thing we decided on right away was: we want to do everything on our own. No wedding planner. Then we figured out what kind of location we wanted, our day planning and estimated budget. We came up with the idea to have our day guests dressed in the same colour scheme and we settled with dark blue and lilac as our theme. I've always had the dream to marry at a castle, so that's what we focused on. We immediately decided that our entire day would be at that location. If we are going for a castle, we want to spend all our time there instead of driving around to different places. We used several websites to make a top 10 of locations we wanted to visit and eventually we went to 8 of those spread throughout September and October.

We paid attention to the overall feeling, possible options and of course money. The first two options were an immediate 'no', because we didn't feel a click with the place. We really want to get some pictures in nature and some of them didn't have enough greenery and the buildings didn't feel festive enough. There was also one place that wouldn't allow us to have dinner and a party inside the castle, so we would had to go into a modern new building on the other side of the castle ground. It was way too expensive for what they offered.

At the end of our visists we ended up with 3 locations we really liked. We decided to drop one based on the many stairs (we have some older people who would really struggle with this) and the fact that the party room was on the smaller side (and I don't like tiny spaces). We plan to have a lot of dancing, so it wasn't the best fit. Our pick between the other two locations was based on money and possible photo moments.

We settled our date on July 28th, because we both had a preference for a Saturday in a warm month and we liked the idea of having it so close to our engagement. We are getting married in another municipality, so we requested permission to get a wedding official there. We completed the request after filing in the official documents of our witnesses. He asked his brother and I choose my sister. This was also the moment we found out we both don't care about the transport; we are not going to spend money on a fancy car. His brother is going to drive him and I can use an old-timer from friends.

We also asked my sister to make our wedding cake. She is good at making beautiful designs and they always taste delicious, so we liked this personal touch on our wedding. I don't have to have THE perfect cake. I just want one that represents us and I couldn't imagine a better person to make it than my sister. It was fun to tell her about our wishes and to come up with the flavors.

The next thing on our list was finding a wedding photographer. This is important to me, because those photos will be your memories and the thing you show to other people. The first photographer I emailed was already fully booked and that was the moment I decided we had to hurry up before all the good ones are taken. I visited a lot of websites and I saw many portfolios. What I also recommend is to look on Instagram/Pinterest and figure out what type of style you want to go with. I found a website that really spoke to me, I made an appointment and after we left we knew we found our photographer. There was a click and I love her style, so I can't wait to see our final photos.

My dress was one of the first things I bought. It was a present from my parents, which was lovely! I was surprised how much time it takes for dresses to be delivered! I found THE one during my first and last appointment in January and it was delivered in April. It took me 7 dresses to find the one and I ugly cried (and I always laugh at Say Yes to the Dress when they have their moment.. now I know, haha) It was fun to try on different designs, despite knowing what model I was going for, because it is quite the experience to see yourself in a white dress. The dress is a bit of what I envisioned, but some parts are definitely not what I expected! The adviser really paid attention to my wishes and reactions to things I liked about the other dresses. I also found the perfect accessories to go with it, but I will let you know more about all of this once the day is over! Not long after I hunted down the right shoes. Comfy and wear ability after the wedding were a must, so I got a pair of soft pink/blush wedges I can easily wear during Summer time.

The next thing were our Save the Date cards. Since our wedding date is right in the middle of summer vacation, we decided to give people a heads up. Since we want to do as many things ourselves, to make it as personal as we can, I decided to design my own cards. Are they perfect? Not at all, especially since the design lost some quality in the progress of getting printed, but I still think we couldn't have found anything better :) This is us.

A month ago I also finished the design for our final wedding invitations. I think it looks adorable.

Be our Guest

Sending out those cards also means you have to think about your guests. Since we host everything at the same location our day guests immediately dine with us. So we came up with the idea of having a small group at the ceremony and all the others invited for the party. A wedding is expensive enough as it is, so this meant being selective for the day.. We came to the realization that this is a problem for most people, so be prepared to have some drama.

Next up was finding music for our party. We settled on finding a DJ and eventually picked the first one (after meeting another one), because we had a really good feeling about him. Sometimes it's no use to keep searching if you already know. This was probably the hardest to pick, because you have to go with your gut feeling and the trust that he knows what he is doing, haha. He is the one that makes or breaks your wedding party. We discussed music styles we wanted, definitely didn't want and how he should act (NO talking in between songs), so fingers crossed it will turn into the dance party we imagine.

We went to one store for our wedding rings and found the perfect ones right away. The funny thing is: he had a random design on his computer screen when we entered the store and we immediately pointed at it "that's pretty much THE ring we are looking for." So that was a short and quick appointment.

Another thing we had to take care of was our wedding night. There is no possibility to sleep in the castle, but we found the most lovely Bed and Breakfast is a bigger city nearby with an enormous waterbed (one of the things on my bucketlist), so were are staying there for a few days :) The night before (on Friday), we both have seperate days with our family in houses close to the castle. My hair and make-up artist will come over the next day. It was also hard to find one (they are all so darn expensive!), but I have my test hair and make-up July 7th and se seemed really enthusiastic about my ideas.

We went back and forth about the decoration, but eventually choose to go minimal and DIY. This not only saves money, but it also makes it personal and completely in our control. I came up with a design for the center pieces, table cards, I have a hand made crayon board with my own design, a sign for our guest book/photobooth corner and our wedding cake stand. Everything ties together with touches of nature, like flowers, leaves and wooden elements. The location itself is gorgeous enough, so we decided to leave it the way it was. There will be candles, big flower pieces that reflect my wedding bouquet (I still don't know what I am getting until the big day arrives! So exciting) and party lights in blue and purple.

Talking about the guest book/photobooth corner; that is immediately our thank you gift. We didn't want anything too generic and expensive, because everyone throws them away after some time. We decided to home made jute blue and purple bags with hand written 'thank you' cards, the exact size of photos that come out of the photobooth. Everyone can make and print as many pictures as they want and they get those memories as a thank you :) At least one of those two strips can go in the guest book, so we can have it filled with awesome pictures.

The last thing we did was pick two ceremony masters to handle everything on the big day. We don't want to get bothered by questions or to deal with problems, so we picked two people to deal with those things. They also have the task of filming the most important parts of the day, so we can have more than just pictures to remind us of those special moments: like our opening dance!

We are currently on our 5th dancing lessons and we are having so much fun. Of course, leave it up to use, we picked a pretty difficult dance.. And this is probably the part I am most nervous about, hehe, but in the end I guess it's all about having fun!   

I'm waiting for my bachelor party and I can't wait to be surprised. My sister is the one who is taking care of everything (maid of honor and witness after all) and I think she is up to some awesome things!

There are still a few minor things we need to deal with (like table setting and cake tasting), but we have taken care of all the big things. Are there any questions you have surrounding planning a wedding? Or anything specific about mine? I think I have mentioned everything I can think off right now.


  1. Congrats on the approaching date! I really like the idea of DIY for weddings, but I'm so far a DIYer. I love the flowers on your invites! They look so simple and sweet.

  2. I love DIY decorations at weddings. The invites are beautiful!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. Ahh this sounds lovely! I love how you choose to do your own thing, that represent you, instead of following the current trend :D Congratulations, and I can't wait to see the pictures! <3

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

  4. It sounds so lovely. Congrats already for the wedding!
    I am so curious about your dress! We do want to see pictures.
    We are also doing a DIY wedding. Ironing out all the details over the next two weeks.
    I hope your wedding is going to be everything you had hoped for!

  5. Congrats again!!!
    I love that you are doing so much stuff yourself! I did the same for my wedding. I think we spent the most money on a photographer as I had the exact same thought as you that the pictures will be around long after the wedding.
    Thanks for sharing all this!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

  6. EEEE! This post was all kinds of awesome :D Thank you for sharing all of this Mel. <3 Sigh. I am so so so happy for you. Your wedding looked SO GORGEOUS :D And I love all the planning and such that went into it. <3 You are awesome. Hugs. (I’m months behind on commenting, but will be slowly catching up, finally. <3)

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