I am still alive!


You may have noticed that it has been terribly quiet over here. Not only do I still suffer from a persistent blogging slump (I feel like my blog hardly matters anymore and that is a horrible feeling that doesn't motivate me to continue), I also had many exciting life changes! Not only did I get married, I also bought a house with my now-husband at the same time, so you can imagine I've been busy. We returned from our honeymoon last weekend, so I hope life will settle down a little now.

I'm currently working on a post that will wrap up all my life events and then I hope to continue to blog in a more consistent way, despite the blog-funk. I plan to continue writing about my bullet journal and my new adventure into gouache and watercolor, so keep an eye out for those posts! I also have a back log of reviews, both on Goodreads and in my review notebook, so I should be able to publish a few posts this month.

So yeah. For the people who are still hanging around, I'm still here. I haven't disappeared, my time simply shifted to something more important :)