About me.

Once upon a time in a small, rainy country called The Netherlands, lived a Disney obsessed girl called Mel. She grew up in a loving family with parents and grandparents who supported her love for books. After three years her parents added a sweet baby sister to their life. She was a shy, stubborn kid with a lot of fantasy and a curious nature.

She met the love of her life at school. It wasn't Prince Charming on a white horse, but a boy on a moped who became her best friend before they both discovered they were feeling more than friendship. Almost seven years have passed and they are still happily together. 

graduated in 2015 for her study Higher Laboratory Research with a focus on microbiology and Infection diseases. She is now working as a Microbiological lab technician in a hospital. She feels like she is never done with learning and she likes to know a lot about different things. 

Reading has always been a constant passion in her life. She read books before she could truly read and bedtime stories were her favorite part of the day. Going to the library was the thing she looked forward to and her own collection started back then. She is a fangirl and a passionate person. Other hobbies were added to her daily life, like bulletjournaling, watching movies & TV shows and gaming. She discovered that she really likes travelling and that she wants to see many countries and cultures.

Random Facts.
I am scared of lady bugs.
My favorite colors are purple (lilac), mint green and gray.
I had braces for almost 11 years.

I hate phone calls. 
I have a little performance - and social anxiety.
I'm a proud member of Ravenclaw.
I'm partly vegetarian.
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney Princess movie. I also love Treasure Planet, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

The blog. 

 Team Maas I created The Daily Prophecy on the 4th of February 2012, because of my love for writing and reading. I read almost everything and I'm willing to try new genres, but I do have my favorites. Before I started my blog I only read adult books, but now I prefer to read YA:  fantasy and fairytales & retellings are my favorite genres. I don't read erotica and autobiographies. 

If you like to read more about me, you can visit The authoress for my Saturday Spotlight or Little pieces of Imagination.

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Just some other things about me:
Music: Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, First aid kit, Bear's den, Hurricane Love, Mighty oaks, Adele, Coldplay, Passenger,

TV shows: The Tudors, New Girls, The big bang theory, Two broke girls, Once upon a time, Game of thrones, Sherlock, The office, The musketeers, Ripperstreet, Orange is the new black, Marco Polo, Sense8,

Movies: everything from Disney, Pixar, WarnerBros & DreamWorks.
Some of my favorite animation moviesCoraline, Corpse bride, Little Nemo adventures in Slumberland, Princess and the goblin, Legends of the guardians: Owl's of Ga'hoole, Rise of the Guardians, The secret of Kells, How to train your dragon, Shrek, Anastasia, Epic, The nightmare before Christmas, 9, A troll in central park, Quest for Camelot, The tale of Desperaux, Thumbelina, The swan princess.
Some favorite fantasy and comedy movies: Lord of the rings, The hobbit, everything by Marvel, Crazy stupid love, Dinner for Schmucks, Easy A, Catching fire, Sherlock Holmes, The princess bride, Meet the Millers, Cinderella (2015), Maleficent, La belle et la bĂȘte, Pitch Perfect, The Holiday, Love actually, Big fish, 

Happy reading!

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  1. Nice blog! I also love Beauty and the Beast, and Harry Potter. My blog: Shounak's book reviews

  2. We have so much in common! Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, Adele, Coldplay, Passenger, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Big Bang Theory and Once Upon a Time. I think I've found my other soul mate (sorry, my first mate got taken by my boyfriend). I love your blog and can't wait to follow more of your posts. Hi from Canada :)

    1. Haha, someone with a great taste in music! ;) Hello other soul mate :D

  3. Harry Potter is one of my all time favourite series and I am definitely a Disney fan as well though my favourite is Little Mermaid! :-)

  4. Oh Mel! I didn't know that you loved Juliet Marillier's works as well! :D I love fairytales and retellings too :) Have you read Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier? :)

  5. I LOVE two broke girls, big bang theory, the originals...a lot of things you mentioned! And I'm a book-obsessed blogger, too. I love your blog! It's very amazing :)

  6. Hi Melanie :)

    So, I have been following your blog for, hmm. . .about nine months now, and yeah, I absolutely love it! Did you even know that? Probably not, because I seldom leave a comment :( BUT I do read every post you share! For this reason, I am here, to let you know that I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award!

    Please know that you are not obligated to respond or do anything by any means, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I think your blog is quite lovely :)


    1. Hello Claudia, thank you so much for the sweet compliments :)

  7. Love it! Your blog is beautiful and I love the way you made your about me into a fairytale! Very creative.

  8. Hi I tagged you for the Frozen Book Tag :)

  9. Hi,
    Faye @ The Social Potato suggested I should come take a look at your blog because she thinks we have common interests ;). Turns out she was right!! (We both are Dutch, work in the same field (I do biochemistry), LOVE fairy-tales, Disney, retellings and we both have a blog about (mostly) books!) and I love how you set up your blog and want to read every post you ever made.

    Sorry for the somewhat long post, love your blog and you'll see me back again commenting on future posts.
    -Merel (Lucy)

    1. HI! That is great, we do have a lot in common :D

  10. AHH COLDPLAY! we do have things in common. I love your fairytale themed blog and posts! glad I found you

  11. I love your blog, just discovered it and already following :) I love this Design it fits so good :)
    Sincerely, Lara

  12. I can't believe I just now stumbled upon your blog! I love to read fairytales and retellings (which you might be able to from all the books that I review on my blog: http://thecozylittlebooknook.weebly.com/blogs). Your blog is amazing!

  13. I am so glad I found your blog! I am absolutely obsessed with fairy tales and retellings and and I love disney. Happy reading!


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