Get to know me | Favorite childhood animation movies.

 You already know I’m a huge Disney + Pixar fan and I shared my top 3 favorite Disney movies and 3 of my favorite forgotten Disney movies. I also talked about some of my favorite animations movies of all time, but today I want to specify the movies I watched over and over and over again when I was younger.

Movies I watched on repeat when I was younger:

The swan princess.
This is one of the movies people often see as a Disney movie, but it’s not. Odette and Derek dislike each other from the moment they meet, but then she is cursed and he is the one to break it. She turns into a swan at day and temporary back to herself in the night. She is feisty and I love the art and songs. There are three movies and I love them dearly (the first one is the best though)
Little Nemo: adventures in slumber land.
This movie always had a few scary moments. Nemo is invited in his dreams by the King of Dreamland to become a playmate for the Princess. The King gives Nemo his throne and a key that he can use to open every door in Dreamland; except for one. But Flip, a naughty new friend from Nemo, manage to persuade him to open the door anyway and this releases the Nightmare King.

The princess and the Goblin.
Princess Irene is left with Lootie, while her father is away to attend affairs of state, and she runs away. Irene gets lost in a forest and her kitten Turnip is seized by claws that burst through the earth. A song drives them away and that is how she meets Curdie. The Goblins are getting ready to seize power and Curdie and Irene are the only ones to stop this.

(Also not Disney!)
SHIP! Dimitri and his friend are two con men who want to find the ‘true Anastasia’ so they can deserve money. When they stumble on Anya, they think she resembles her close enough and they persuade her to go with them to reunite her with the Dowager Empress. Anya has no memory of her past and it swept away in their promises. Meanwhile, undead Rasputin is seeking Anastasia’s death. Beautiful song: Once upon a December.


A troll in central park.
Gus is a really bratty boy who slips away when his parents are too busy to take him to the park. His little sister Rosie, who adores her big brother, follows him. Rosie meets Stanley, a friendly troll with a green thumb that can grow all kinds of nature. He was exiled, because his gift is unwelcome in the dark troll world where the evil Queen Gnorga rules. I always loved Stanley.

(Yep, no Disney either)
Thumbelina is no bigger than her mother’s thumb and she feels alone, until she meets the Prince of the fairy’s. Thumbelina is kidnapped by a toad and when she tries to find a way home, she finally makes friends she always wanted.


The nutcracker prince.
Clara gets a nutcracker on Christmas from her Uncle Drosselmeier en he tells her a story about how the Nutcracker became the Prince of the dolls. But then everything happens in real life and Clara is trapped in the Nutcracker’s battle against the Mouse King.

Quest for Camelot.
Another ship. Kayley’s father, A Knight of the round table, is killed by Sir Ruber who steals Excalibur and threatens to seize Camelot from King Arthur. She teams up with a two-headed dragon and knight-aspirant Garrett to brave the Enchanted Forest and retrieve the magic sword. This movie is EVERYTHING.


Do you know any of these movies? What are your favorite animation movies?


  1. Yasss I love the Swan Princess movies, Anastasia, Thumbelina (got that one on tape from the tooth fairy mhuahaha) & Quest for Camelot! :D

  2. LOVED The Nutcracker Prince!! OMG! I'd watch it over every Christmas Holiday and never got sick of it ♥ I vaguely remember Swan Princess and Anastasia but I think I only would have seen them once, if it played on regular television. We didn't have many t.v. chanels growing up so my viewing was limited LOL! I really should look into watching them again :)

  3. Ahh, The Quest for Camelot! I have to watch that movie again, I loved it when I first saw it (ages ago). And thanks for this list in general, apart from Anastasia and Thumbelina, I don't know any of them, so it's good to bookmark for whenever I'm craving something light and sweet.

  4. Oh gosh I remember Little Nemo! I remember being really scared at certain points, especially that mysterious giant door. I haven't seen it in so long! I remember Troll in Central Park too :D That and Once Upon a Forest were favorites I think. Loved Thumbelina (which is quite a weird movie really) and Swan Princess, but Anastasia was (and is) my faaaaavorite :) I have really vague memories of The Nutcracker Prince and I haven't seen Quest for Camelot. Sounds like I need to! Love this post, animated movies are the best even when they're not Disney ;) Do you remember Rock-a-doodle by any chance? That was another I liked.

    1. Nemo definitely had some creepy moments! OHH, please go watch Quest for Camelot, it's awesome!

      I vaguely Rock-a-doodle. This reminds me I should play it soon, I have the DVD somewhere.

  5. Yesss I LOVED the Troll one!! And also Anastasia is queen, that is all. 100% (I always get frustrated when people call her a disney princess BECAUSE NO SHE'S NOT. XD) And oh! Oh! Swan Lake! Ahhh, this is a walk down memory lane. XD

  6. Shame I hadn't even heard about Little Nemo and The princess and the Goblin.Gotta watch them soon. Swan Princess and Thumbelina are my favorites too.

  7. From these I've only seen Anastasia and Tumblelina. I really enjoyed both of those as a kid. And Anastasia was definitely one of my favourite animation movies. i watched a lot of Disney movies and tv series. I know the Little Mermaid and Mulan were two of my favourite disney movies. And there as another mermaid movie I really enjoyed, but can't remember the name of.

  8. Hey :)

    Oh my gosh YES! This brought back a bunch of amazing childhood memories, so thanks for that :) I used to watch almost all of these movies together with my younger siblings and we all loved them and still watch them from time to time just to fall in love all over again. I love the Swan Princess, and although you are right saying that the first one is the best, I also really like the 3rd one because it's hilarious and Zelda is great :D Thumbelina was also great, although I was super afraid of the frogs when I was young :'D Anastasia and Camelot also were pretty scary, but I loved them, have to rewacth them very soon, especially Anastasia!

    Thank you for that amazing post! Apart from Disney movies these were pretty much every other animation movies I watched and enjoyed, maybe add a few I can't remember right now :D

    Hugs from Germany!

    1. Awesome! I always love it when posts bring back good memories :)

  9. You have an amazing list here! I love Anastasia, Quest for Camelot, Tumbelina, and the Swan Princess movies. Now I have the strong desire to go rewatch them all, as well as the ones I haven't seen from this list.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Eee, this post is amazing Mel :D Thank you for sharing about these awesome movies that you watched a lot when you were younger. <3 Hugs. I haven't seen a bunch of them.. but I have seen some :D And ahhh, Anastasia. <3 SO perfect. Same with Thumbelina :D I love those two. So much. I remember seeing one Swan Princess movie a lot.. I think it was the third one, but I do not remember :\ I own them all on dvd, though, so I think I should watch them soon :D And oh, Little Nemo. It was so scary! lol. I loved it SO MUCH :D But ahhh. I only have it on VHS :( And cannot find it here in Norway at all on dvd or blu-ray. Sooobs. I want to watch it in Norwegian. Hmph. How mean :) Anyway. Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3 Hugs.

    1. I also can't find a DVD from Little Nemo, but I keep hunting for it!

  11. HAHAHAH I remember Quest For Camelot! Mostly because I liked making fun of how silly it can be, but that was only because I watched it as a teen. Actually, I think I watched most of these movies when I was older. Like Anastasia, Swan Princess, and I'm pretty sure I watched Thumbelina but I don't remember. I think I watched a Chinese version of the story when I was a child. I watched so many random Chinese movies when I was younger, I should try to look them up later haha.

    Awesome post Mel! Loved that you shared this!

  12. I was a sucker for Swan Princess when I was a kid, and obsessed with Anastasia (so much so that I used to read non-fiction about the Romanovs for fun)!

  13. I read and loved The Princess and the Goblin. I didn't know there was a film *_* I need to go watch it right now!!! I haven't watched some of the others and will have to check them out. I love animated films! Miyazaki Hayao has directed some of my favorite animated films, among them Spirited Away, Princes Mononoke, and Howl's Moving Castle.

  14. The only one I've seen out of these (that I remember anyway) is Anastasia! I went to see it as a kid with my sister at the movies :) I couldn't remember what it was about, though.

  15. Now I really want to rewatch Anastasia! It's been so long and I used to be obsessed with it. Same with The Swan Princess actually. Now that I'm done with school I should take the time to watch them again :D

  16. Yaas haha I love this list of underrated films! I absolutely adore Anastasia and the Swan Princess. I remember when I was little I would rewatch the latter so many times - it was just wonderful! And swans are such lovely creatures, too. :) What an awesome list!

    - Aila @ Happy Indulgence

  17. I didn't realise that Anastasia wasn't a Disney one and I haven't actually heard of a few of these. I will probably check them out sometime in the near future (School holidays are near)

  18. I'm so sad that Nemo doesn't get more love. I ADORE that movie, and that princess was my hero when I was little. LOOK AT HER PUNCH!!!!!!


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